Closing store to MOVE to new location. See story below.

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News and Other Important Information

Redefining the Store While Moving

Heroes Comics and Games will be making a few changes to better accommodate our customers. We will offer Comics, but only on subscription basis. Tell us what titles you want and we will order only those titles. Occasionally we will order some additional titles, but unless you ask for a specific title, it will not be ordered. We will focus on games, still, but playing heavily to Warhammer and other tactical games (such as Star Wars Armada), Tabletop TPGs, party games and even opening up the area for LARP events, should anyone be inclined. More ideas are being tossed around for future growth, but we will ramp up to those as we are able

Warhammer is IN STOCK

After working with Games Workshop to set up Heroes as a Retailer, we are now proud to announce that Heroes Comics and Games is now carrying Warhammer and related games materials! We are carrying 40K and Age of Sigmar as well as the newest release: Kill Team. Special Orders available for sets not currently in stock.

Store Closing October 27 - We Are Moving

Heroes is closing the doors at 111 E Elm Street on October 27 in preparation to move to a new location. That location has not been determined, but we will be announcing the location as quickly as we can. We do not yet have a timeline for reopening.
Please be patient as we are striving to bring you a better and more comprehensive venue for your geeky and nerdy needs.

Moving Sale!! Everything (except consignment) is now 30% Off





Pull-Boxes available!

Choose FIVE or more titles per month and we will pull your selections upon arrival and set them aside for you to pickup. Pull-Boxes also get a 10% discount on total comic purchase.


Games! Games! MORE GAMES!

We carry a collection of traditional and special interest board games as well as a variety of the best table-top RPGs anywhere around! We also carry collectible card games and miniature games and all the accessories you will need for any game!


Special Orders available

Not finding what you are looking for? Let us know and our expert staff will do our best to find it for you.  Rare comic issue? We'll find it! Specific game? We got you! Hard to find collectible? We're on it!

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