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D&D Open Tables Every Saturday Evening from 5 until 10

Your cleric steps up to your shoulder and puts his hand on your arm. A divine glow envelopes your wound as it closes up. You feel rejuvenated and ready to stand again against the forces of evil. Will you pick up your battleaxe and rejoin the fight?

Come play/learn to play/re-learn to play with players of all levels and an experienced DM to tell the story. Come join a one-shot, or return to make the one shot into a campaign.

ENDING: Special Saturday Farmer's Market Hours

Starting Saturday August 3, Heroes will return to normal business hours on Saturdays: Noon - 10pm.

School may be out, but the Wednesday game break is still in full swing!

Come in and play a game over your lunch break! Celebrate the mid-point of the day of the mid-point of the week. You've earned it!


Pull-Boxes available!

Choose FIVE or more titles per month and we will pull your selections upon arrival and set them aside for you to pickup. Pull-Boxes also get a 10% discount on total comic purchase.


Games! Games! MORE GAMES!

We carry a collection of traditional and special interest board games as well as a variety of the best table-top RPGs anywhere around! We also carry collectible card games and miniature games and all the accessories you will need for any game!


Special Orders available

Not finding what you are looking for? Let us know and our expert staff will do our best to find it for you.  Rare comic issue? We'll find it! Specific game? We got you! Hard to find collectible? We're on it!

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